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    At PKSA, we are focused on providing students with the highest quality martial arts instruction available, in a safe and positive learning environment that people of all ages can enjoy. Our instructors are interested in the complete personal development of each student. Individual attention is a feature of each and every class, allowing all students to progress quickly and confidently toward their personal goals. Our instructors take responsibility as role models for younger students seriously, teaching them the importance of strong character, leadership and good values.

    PKSA Karate Special Training & Event Schedule:

    The following schedule covers special training events & dates at PKSA Livonia:





    October 6,

    No Class July 4th & 5th

    Our next point series tournament


    Held at U of M

    Existing Students and Parents of Students

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    2012 PKSA Karate National Championship Tournament

    The 2012 PKSA Karate National Championship Tournament, also known as the LAMP Tournament, will be held this March at the U of M Dearborn Field House in Dearborn, Michigan.  Over 700 students competed in front of 400 spectators in last years event. The tournament will included team events in Sparring and Forms, a Black Belt competition, several exciting demonstrations by students and masters, and events for white, yellow, orange, green, and red belts alike.  Below are some of the images from this exciting tournament.

    Images from LAMP 2011

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